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The perfect gift for any time of year!

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At Inked by Riley we've increased our shop service
offerings to help you be the most beautiful you!

We now offer piercings, waxing, manicures and GelX extensions for your nails, along with fine line tattoos to include wording
and of course our permanent makeup:
Eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and Scalp Micro-pigmentation.
Book now and make YOU a priority  
Everything we offer is a great time saver and you'll love the results!


How much time would you gain waking up each day with your liner, brows or lips already perfectly done?  At Inked by Riley, I'll help you create a flawless face of make up that will remain beautiful so that you can roll out of bed ready to go!

Brow Mapping


Using a fine needle, pigment is deposited directly under the skin to mimic the strokes of natural eyebrow hairs to create fuller, natural-looking brows.



Eye Liner

Eye Liners

Offering different varieties of eyeliner tattoos based on your needs and personal aesthetic. The lash line enhancement, is a dark line that sits within the lash line to help make your eyes pop.  Eyeliner, can be applied above the lash line, creating some of your favorite eye likes from a simple line to a cat-eye or a soft, smoky wing. 


Fine Line Tattoos

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing

This super-natural, semipermanent cosmetic tattoo builds consistent color and defines your shape for fuller lips without filler and a more polished pout.  I'll work with the natural lip shade to add a slightly deeper layer of pigment.




Nail Services

Inked by Riley is located in Edgewood, Md.  

I only use sterile, one time use equipment (needles, cartridges and disposables) and cover all non disposable items with barrier film for your maximum safety.

Shapes and colors are based on your unique skin color, face shape and personal preference.  I won't begin a tattoo until you're thrilled with your proposed new look!

Booking is now available!


1722 Waltman Road

Edgewood, MD 21040


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